about us investor info News Letters Company News Suncastvwas founded in 2006, with our headquarter office in Arlington Heights, Illinois and Sales and Marketing office in San Francisco, California. Our company is ahead of the curve in introducing the IPTV concept to American audiences. SuncasTV is an IPTV service provider which supports IPTV viewers in the U.S. and globally by offering a wide range of information and entertainment content from around the world. These services can be viewed on the website (www.suncastv.com) or on a conventional television using Set-top box technology that is broadcasted through any Internet connection. SuncasTV serves and adds value to local community organizations, to professionals at small and mid-size businesses, and to very large international organizations. We are specialized in providing programming from Asian channels and networks and we target IPTV viewers in the U.S. with initial entry in the Asian market by offering content from a variety of Asian countries. Currently the channels carry contents from China, Korea, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan, and there is an English channel.

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SuncasTVs ultimate goal is to provide IPTV service to every Asian American and be the gateway to their hometowns.

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About IPTV

Traditional TV viewing required broadcast reception, satellite dish, or cable. With IPTV technology, without installing any cables or satellite dishes, one can have your favorite programs delivered to your TV set through a set-top-box receiver and the Internet, whenever you want, regardless of where in the world you are. This is the future trend for TV viewing/delivery. IPTV will soon be the standard platform for delivery of video on demand (VOD), pay per view (PPV) and subscription content from providers.

Internet technology of IPTV makes this nationwide distribution possible. Television validates everything and Internet Television or IPTV allows people to embrace their favorite programs any time, any place, and any way.